The leading retail platform for customer experiences

The game-changing POS and leading cloud-based platform for retailers. Empower your employees, boost sales, and grow your business.

Unify your retail channels in real-time today.

Omnichannel made easy with browser based POS system

Empower employees to create unique in-store experiences that customers will remember. Bring the POS system onto the floor and achieve a ~10-15% higher conversion rate.  

Customers 1st Omnichannel module enables employees to fulfill any product from any location and deliver it wherever the customer wishes.

We empower leading brands in retail around the world

We work with large retailers ranging from 5 to 100+ locations, across multiple channels. We would love to power your future retail shopping experiences as well.

Born into the Best of Breed composable landscape

Choose the best-in-class system you want to drive your commerce business into the future with.

Customers 1st was built with the purpose of enabling integrations with other systems. This allows you to create a composable landscape so you avoid being locked in with predefined suppliers. 

Explore a world of endless possibilities with our open API

Set your developers free and empower them to build the future you envision without limitations.

Customeres 1st is built on an API-first mentality, which means you have access to the exact same API we use internally. Therefore, our API is always updated, easy to understand, and capable of performing a lot of cool stuff.

We are passionate about creating the future of retail

We would love working together with you and your team. Together, our platform empowers your employees to focus on the main thing that drives growth: their customers.

This is why our name, Customers 1st, is both a promise and a brand from us to you, and from you to your customers.